Full-scale war threat exists between Pakistan-India: DG ISPR


RAWALPINDI, SEPT 27 –  Director General Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Babar Iftikhar has said that Indian aggressive behaviour and ceasefire violations along the Line of Control (LoC) gave indication of a full-scale war between India and Pakistan.

“The threat of a full-scale between India and Pakistan exists as such instances has been witnessed during the past and its main reason is India’s belligerence and preparations,” he told the private channel during the visit of a foreign delegation to the LoC, arranged by the ISPR the other day.

The DG ISPR said when he said that it is a time to go beyond negotiations, its major focus is towards International community. Pointing out the escalated ceasefire violations committed by India along the LoC, he said “That’s needed to be stopped and for this to stop, International community has to come in.”

Iftikhar said the ceasefire violations frequency along the LoC was different from 2014 as there was a massive escalation in existing environment due to use of high caliber firearms. India has been using every kind of calibers and weaponry system along the LoC ranging from snipers to normal artillery ammunition to air-burst and smart ammunition.

“It’s been a massive escalation as far as ceasefire violations are concerned and as far as their lethality is concerned.”

Rejecting India’s allegations of infiltration attempts by Pakistan, he said a foolproof anti-infiltration grid was installed along the LoC which had three tiers. It started with mine fields and bunkers and then came fence, electronic gadgets, sensors and observations posts.

He said India had been propagating that 200 persons were sitting on jump-point to infiltrate into its territory which was a mere propaganda as India had already taken all sort of measures to prevent infiltration into its area.

It was humanly not possible to infiltrate from a counter-infiltration grid system, installed along the LoC. The spokesman said the world already knew about the ground situation along the LoC as the visits of foreign delegates including ambassadors and journalists were being arranged frequently. India used to increase cease fire violations in an attempt to launch a false flag operation as it did in the past, he said, citing example of fake surgical strikes in 2016 and Pulwama incident in 2019.

India could not dare to attack Pakistan due to our preparations and presence along the LoC. The Pak army is absolutely prepared to respond any Indian misadventure, he stressed while responding to a query.