Ghee prices reduced by Rs 18/kg

Ghee prices reduced by Rs 18/kg

ISLAMABAD, MAY 27: In an important move to provide relief to the public, Utility Stores Corporation has announced a reduction in the price of ghee.

This subsidy aims to support families registered under the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) as well as the general consumer base.

According to the spokesperson for the Utility Stores, the price of ghee for BISP-registered families has been reduced by Rs 18 per kilogram. Consequently, BISP customers will now pay Rs 375 per kilogram instead of the previous Rs 393.

Similarly, a reduction of Rs 18 per kilogram has been extended to general consumers. They will now be charged Rs 445 per kilogram instead of Rs 463.

The spokesperson confirmed that these new prices are effective immediately, ensuring that consumers can benefit from the price cuts right away.