Google Maps get AI, Bard now multilingual with image magic

Google Maps get AI, Bard now multilingual with image magic

Get ready for smarter maps and a more powerful language assistant! Google recently unleashed a double dose of AI advancements, enhancing both its Maps platform and Bard, its AI-powered language model.

Maps Get a Generative Boost: Google Maps is stepping into the world of generative AI, promising a more dynamic and informative experience. While details are still under wraps, expect to see AI-powered features like personalized recommendations and real-time updates based on your needs and preferences.

Bard Goes Global with Gemini Pro: Remember Gemini Pro, Google’s super-powered AI model? It’s no longer limited to English! Bard, the language whiz kid, can now tap into Gemini Pro’s multilingual capabilities, making it smarter and more helpful across all languages and regions it serves. This means better understanding, reasoning, and code-slinging skills for Bard, no matter what language you speak.

Dream It, See It: Bard Can Now Generate Images! Unleash your creativity with Bard’s brand new image generation feature. Simply describe what you imagine, and Bard will bring it to life with a custom, high-quality image. This feature, powered by Google’s Imagen 2 model, is free to use and currently available in most countries and English. And don’t