Govt should reduce its expenses and give relief to people and entrepreneurs: President FPCCI

Atif Ikram Sheikh

ISLAMABAD: /DNA/ – President Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Atif Ikram Sheikh has said that we request the government to revise the budget, after the presentation of the budget, the difficulties of the export sector have increased. Electricity and gas rates have already increased. Not globally competitive, these will increase further, which will put us out of the competitive race in the region.

Federation President Atif Ikram said that the stakeholders were not taken into confidence in the budgeting process. As a representative of the business community, I appeal to the government to revisit the budget due to the excessive taxes. In the current budget, tax payers have been burdened with billions of rupees, businesses will be affected after electricity and gas become expensive. Opportunities are running out for entrepreneurs burdened by taxes. The government should reduce its expenditure and give relief to the people and businessmen.