Govt to consult stakeholders on proposed social media regulatory authority



ISLAMABAD: The federal government has started consultations over its proposal to establish a social media regulatory authority.

According to the sources, special committee of the cabinet has invited media houses and stakeholders to seek advice on the proposed PECA Amendment Bill 2024 and the establishment of the authority. 

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, in the last meeting of the federal cabinet, constituted a committee to hold consultations on the matter.

The regulatory authority will advise the government on matters pertaining to digital rights, responsible use of the internet and ensuring compliance with regulations, said the sources. 

The committee will discuss issues related to regulating online content by the proposed authority, said the sources. 

Moreover, the procedure for investigating violations of law on social media and summoning of witnesses and persons guilty of violating social media laws will be discussed during the consultative meeting. 

The government believes that this bill is being prepared to protect the privacy of private lives of citizens from threats posed by social media. The proposed PECA Amendment Bill 2024 will be tabled in parliament.