Hashoo Group marks Int’l World Tourism Day


ISLAMABAD, SEP 26 /DNA/ – Over the period, tourism has gained enormous significance across the globe as it boosts the economy in terms of creating employment, developing infrastructures, attracting foreign exchange, and enhancing the overall image of the country. It also promotes cultural exchange between foreigners and locals, hence fostering local handicrafts and cultural pursuits. In case of Pakistan, it conveys the safe image of the country which is heavenly beautiful and may attract much more tourists in the coming years.

Keeping in mind the great potential of this rapidly growing industry, World Tourism Day is celebrated globally in very high spirits by the government and various business entities, especially by the hospitality industry which is directly correlated with tourism.

 As emphasized by this year’s theme of World Tourism Day, “rethinking tourism”, we aim to focus on rethinking tourism for development through education and jobs, and tourism’s impact on the planet and opportunities to grow more sustainably.

The past five decades saw extensive investment in the tourism infrastructure of this country, by Hashoo Group, and we look forward to extending the legacy of Hashoo Hotels in 11 other cities. Apart from this, the group has been actively expanding in the education sector by opening Hashoo School of Hospitality Management in different cities, thus producing a fleet of the trained workforce as well as creating multiple opportunities for the people of Pakistan.

 We are very hopeful that the hospitality sector in Pakistan will continue contributing toward improving the image of the country to the outside world.