ISLAMABAD, MAR 28 – Switches off major power sources to join global movement to conserve energy from 08:30 PM to 09:30 PM on Saturday, 27th March 2021

In a bid to participate in the global movement to conserve energy and protect the environment against the harmful effects of global warming, Hashoo Group observed the Earth Hour at all of its hotels across Pakistan.

Hashoo Group are the owners and operators of the five-star Pearl-Continental Hotels, Marriott Hotels, as well as the Hotel One brands in Pakistan.

In solidarity with worldwide efforts to conserve on energy and protect the environment, the hotels switched off major power sources from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm on Saturday, 27th March 2021.

Earth Hour first began in 2007 in Australia in an attempt to conserve energy and combat global warming. Only 2 million residents and local businesses in Sydney took part in it. The next year 35 countries took part in it, and now over 100 countries participate in this globally.

In 2019, 188 countries participated in it. The observance of Earth Hour is important, although many wonder how just 1 hour makes any difference. But believe it or not, it makes a lot of difference.

It creates awareness, to show people that it is possible to survive without all the electronic gizmos and energy-consuming gadgets we have grown so accustomed to. By cutting back, people can make a huge difference and can take part in the battle against global warming. And millions of tons of energy is consumed worldwide when at this hour, all the world, unites to observe and celebrate Earth Hour 2021.