Heavy floods destroy 100s acres of land and dozens of houses in Parwan


KABUL, Apr 23 (DNA): The authorities in the Department of Disaster
Management of Parwan province have reported that due to heavy rains and
floods, the residents of the province have suffered huge financial

Dozens of houses, shops, and 300 acres of agricultural land have been
destroyed in the last couple of days in Salang, Jabal Saraj, and
Shinwari districts of the province.

As reported, 250 meters of protective wall, 7 small hydroelectric dams,
12 small and large canal dams, a bridge, and 2 agricultural water
storage have also been destroyed.

Similarly, heavy floods have killed 100 livestock in Shinwari district
of the province.

During the last couple of days, several people have lost their lives and
thousands of acres of agricultural land and residential houses have been
destroyed due to heavy rains and floods in different provinces of the