HEC Concludes Pre-Service Training for 6 Cohorts of Fresh PhDs


Islamabad, October 7, 2023: The National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE), under the auspices of Higher Education Commission (HEC), has successfully concluded its sixth Cohort of the Pre-Service National Faculty Development Programme (NFDP).   

Twenty-seven Fellows of the Interim Placements for Fresh PhDs (IPFP) programme attended the programme. Throughout the intensive training programme, IPFP Fellows remained engaged in a diverse range of sessions, including Effective Teaching and Learning, Course Design, Lesson Planning and Delivery, Assessment and Evaluation, Technology in the Classroom, Learning Management System, Grant Writing, Publishing Research, and Personal and Professional Development. The curriculum was thoughtfully designed to equip the participants with essential skills and knowledge to excel in the academic sphere.

The programme fostered a dynamic learning environment, incorporating daily interactive sessions, presentations, and assignments tailored to various modules. This approach ensured that participants not only gained theoretical knowledge but also applied it practically, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.

Mr. Muhammad Faisal Butt, Director General of NAHE (HEC), attended the ceremony as chief guest. In his remarks, he emphasised the pivotal role of professional development in molding exceptional educators. He highlighted how these IPFP Fellows are poised to unlock the potential of their future students by instilling innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets. He also underscored the crucial role future academic leaders in driving the socio-economic development of nation. He urged the participants to extend their professional support to students during their placements at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) under the IPFP. He also lauded the dedicated efforts of NAHE in organising this programme, which stands as a testament to its commitment to advancing the quality of higher education in Pakistan.

NAHE, a flagship initiative of HEC, is dedicated to nurturing academic excellence and fostering the development of future educators and leaders.