Homeopathy is a priceless gift of nature

Homeopathy is a priceless gift of nature


ISLAMABAD: Homeopathy is a priceless gift of nature which has cured thousands, not millions, but millions of people.

Homeopathy is not only a natural method of treatment, but it is also much cheaper and more effective than other conventional methods of treatment. These views were expressed by prominent home professional Dr. Col. Iqbal Shaheen in a lecture series held in Peshawar under Recog Professional Development Program. The event was organized by Dr. Rekog Germany in which a lecture was given on Mental Health in Homoeopathy.

Addressing the event, Dr. Najam Al Thaqib, Head of Dr. Saleem Ahmed & Co., Pakistan’s business partners of Dr. Recog, Germany, said that the preparation of medicines at Dr. Recog goes through a rigorous testing, quality control and research process. Even today, hand potentiation at Dr. Recog is done under the same principles as the traditions of 200 years ago. And this is the reason why our medicines have a distinguished status compared to other local and international medicines. 10-7 and cash prizes of 5 thousand were awarded. Colonel Iqbal Shaheen Director Frontier Homeo Medical College and Dr. Ghulam Habib were also given Lifetime Achievement Awards.

 A large number of teachers, students and doctors participated in the event. At the end of the event, a luncheon was also organized.