How to become a successful person

How to become a successful person

Ghazala Anbreen

The experiences of life are in fact a great lesson to make one understand about many things. Among one of such is the success factor. As a human being advances in age, he gets to come cross the true facet of life and the reality of life unfolds telling him what to avoid and what to accept and adopt in order to live a better quality life. A life full of serenity and contentment and above all a successful one.

There is also no doubt that a suitable level of finances everybody would be needing to live a decent life no matter how much saintly qualities may be found in him.

In today’s world of post information, it would be indeed a hard bargain to live like a stoic. We as social beings cannot but desist from being influenced by all that is happening around us. As Aristotle said,

“But he who is unable to live in society, or who has no need because he is sufficient for himself, must be either a beast or a god”

Hence all of us ought to know about the qualities befitting a successful person. Successful people do not complain. Thy do not grumble. They do not shift blames on others. They are punctual. They are industrious and devoted to a cause, a cause to make this world a better place for living in. They do not backbite or speak ill of others.

 They would rather take it as equal to wasting away their positive energies. They are also not curious about knowing what the other people are up to. They just mind their own business. They take good care of their health and fitness.

They are meticulous about their attire and make sure they do not wear untidy or clumsy dresses. A discipline in every aspect of life would be visible, from clothing to their way of talking. They will never be the gossipmongers but often such people are of quiet disposition and talk only where it is necessary to talk. Nor they indulge in advising others unnecessarily. They advise only when they are asked for it, otherwise they remain quiet. A poise and balance will be visible in their lives throughout.

The successful persons are never of fraudulent nature. They, on the contrary, are sincere, cooperative, polite, and always thinking to help others. They do not have anger issues, but are composed and have an even temperament. Such people do not go after material gains. A poignant fact which is noteworthy is that the success is, unfortunately, in current times gauged in our society by acquisition of material wealth and assets. The more affluence means more success.

But a genuinely successful person will not run after these fake pursuits. He will be deriving pleasure from productive activities which are of win-win approaches. This is evident from closely witnessing the life styles of the richest men alive. Who prefer to live a simple life, for instance, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk and many others, all are humble and prefer to live simple lives.

They just love their cause and pursue their missions nonchalant even after facing multiple failures in their early lives. They never gave up. Consistency and loyalty with a cause were the prominent factors which they pursued with a devout heart and a firm belief.

Hence we all must believe in the effectiveness of our efforts with a strong determination and follow our goal without thinking of causing harm to anybody. We must work hard and be unconditionally helpful to all if we want to become successful persons.