Huge crowd to welcome Nawaz Sharif on return: Maryam

Huge crowd to welcome Nawaz Sharif on return: Maryam

LAHORE, Oct 08 (DNA): Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) Senior Vice
President Maryam Nawaz Sunday said that the crowd shows that the public
will give Nawaz Sharif a grand reception on October 21.

She said that a huge crowd of the people of only one area has gathered.
How huge will the gathering at Minar-e-Pakistan be on October 21 when
their leader returns.

Maryam said that Nawaz Sharif will bring along hope and prosperity of
the nation with him when he returns.

She said the inflation in Nawaz Sharif’s tenure was just 2% and the
prosperity of the country was ousted.

For the sake of the people, he witnessed lesser days of power and more
of difficulties. Nawaz Sharif is responsible for making Pakistan an
atomic power and bringing the CPEC to Pakistan.

He gave 14 mega projects to Pakistan and made possible the production of
14000 megawatts of electricity and ended the load-shedding. He worked
his best and ended the terrorism in the country. What he got in return
was 11 years in exile, said PML-N Senior Vice President.

She said that had conspiracies not concocted against Nawaz Sharif, the
country would not have been in this turmoil.

Maryam said that the country was ruled by “jokers” for four years. Nawaz
Sharif was born and raised here unlike others. He never received any
foreign funds. The ones who mocked PML-N themselves became a mere joke
and an example.

Pakistan is under crises and in turmoil without Nawaz Sharif. The public
is waiting for him because he stands true to his words and leads the
country to prosperity.