Hundreds arrested as Gaza protests sweep US universities

  1. Police have arrested hundreds more protesters at locations across the US, as protests against the war in Gaza intensify across university campuses
  2. Universities have seen a growing number of students walk out of class or try to set up encampments in protests prompted by Israel’s military campaign in Gaza
  3. Some 108 arrests were made overnight at Emerson College, Boston police told the BBC’s US partner CBS News
  4. Earlier, 93 people at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles were taken into custody on trespassing charges
  5. Activists and police also clashed at the University of Texas at Austin, where authorities said another 34 people had been arrested
  6. The latest arrests follow others at Columbia, Yale and New York University
  7. At some of the protests, there have been reports of antisemitic incidents – with a few members of pro-Israel and Jewish groups saying they do not feel safe
  8. Large crowds of pro-Palestinian protesters, many of them students, have been gathering at an increasing number of universities in the US.
  9. Hundreds have been arrested in the last two weeks.
  10. But what do they want?
  11. Many of the activists are calling for universities to stop investing school funds into companies involved in weapons manufacturing and other industries supporting Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza.
  12. “Our university is complicit in this violence, and this is why we protest,” Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine wrote on X, formerly Twitter.