ICC releases safety guidelines for resumption of cricket post-coronavirus


The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced the safety measures that will be enforced to prevent the players from contracting the coronavirus.

The precautions include social distancing between players and umpires during all times, prohibition of the use of saliva on cricket balls and frequent testing of players.

“Players and umpires should maintain social distancing on the cricket field and that includes no handing over of player items (cap, towels, sunglasses, jumpers) to the umpire or teammates,” the ICC said in a document. “Consider adopting a process that will assist the bowler in managing his/her items. Umpires may also be encouraged to use gloves when handling the ball.”

The sport’s governing body stated that teams would have to keep a distance according to the guidelines side by their respective government. The players have been asked to arrive for training dressed in their gear and use changing rooms sparingly. It mentioned that body contract celebrations and sharing of water bottles and drinks should be discouraged as they pose a risk.

The ICC believes the cricket ball can be a carrier of the virus and the players have been instructed to not touch their eyes, nose and mouth after making contact with the ball.

It went on to state that “should a team member or opponent develop any COVID-19 symptoms or be found to develop an infection, participants will require isolation and testing as they are most likely to have been in close contact.”