Iconic Sehti Haveli handed over to Archeology deptt for conversion into Heritage

Iconic Sehti Haveli

PESHAWAR, May 28 (APP): An iconic Sehti Haveli also termed as `Architecture Jewel of Peshawar’ has been handed over to Archeology Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for conversion of the historic building into Pakistan’s first `Heritage Adaptive Reuse Museum’.

Mr Suhail Sethi, owner of house, hand over his ancestral property to Archeology Department at a ceremony held at Haveli of Mian Abdul Karim Sehti located in Mohallah Sethian, Bazaar-e-Kalaan, inside walled city of Peshawar.

The handing over of the house was made through a public-private partnership between Suhail Sehti and Archeology Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Sarhad Conservation Network, an organization striving for preservation of heritage of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, served as moderator between the two parties.  

“The development has added attraction to the tourist map of Peshawar”, remarked Dr. Ali Jan, a heritage lover and member of Sarhad Conservation Network (SCN).

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was also signed between Suhail Sehti and Archeology Department according to which the haveli will be conserved and rehabilitated by Archelogy department.

While Archeology Department and Suhail Sehti will jointly run the historic mansion as a private museum showcasing the history and lifestyle of the renowned Sethi business family of Peshawar.

Welcoming the participants at the soft opening of Sehti House, Dr. Ali Jan said `this is a welcoming development through which the splendorous house which is also known as `Architectural Jewel’ of Peshawar can become a cultural hub.
He appreciated encouraging response from Archeology department and fast track processing in signing of MoU and taking over charge of the house.

Speaking on the occasion, Director Archeology KP, Dr. Abdul Samad said this is a first ever initiative of public-private partnership between Archeology and a dweller of Peshawar through which the Sehti house will be converted into Heritage Adaptive Reuse Museum.

The museum will display the lifestyle of Sehti family through arrangement of household items in its original condition.
This well-maintained home, featuring 19th-century living heritage artifacts, will be showcased as a museum.
It will also serve as a venue for cultural and literary events and can be rented out for conferences, workshops or photography.

It will have a souvenir shop and night illumination. This marks a new chapter in the cultural and heritage conservation of the walled city, enhancing its appeal to tourists, Dr. Samad told participants of the ceremony.