ICTP continues crackdown against wrong parking


ISLAMABAD, July 03 (DNA): Islamabad Capital Police (ICTP) taking strict
action against vehicles over wrong Parking for smooth flow of traffic in
Federal Capital.

Following directions of Inspector General of Police Islamabad Dr Akbar
Nasir Khan, Islamabad Capital Police reviewed arrangements to ensure
smooth flow of traffic in the city. A large number of Vehicles were
fined during this Campaign for involvement in wrong parking.

All Zonal DSPs Directed to ensure implementation on traffic laws through
courteous Attitude with citizens. People should be treated politely and
briefed them about traffic laws.

It is the right of pedestrian to use footpath and no parking would be
allowed there and vehicles should be parked at lots specified at
shopping centers while awareness

Campaign has been also launched to educate those citizens coming for
shopping activities there.

It is our top priority to ensure convenience for road users by
maintaining traffic discipline and every possible effort would be made
for the purpose.