IMF demands Pakistan impose tax on retail, real estate, agri sectors


ISLAMABAD, NOV 09 (DNA) — The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has demanded Pakistan impose tax on retail, real estate and agriculture sectors. This has been revealed during the ongoing technical-level talks between Pakistan’s economic team and a visiting delegation of the IMF.

During the negotiations, further demands put forward by the IMF have emerged. According to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), in case of a shortfall, a fixed tax could be imposed on retailers. The FBR may exercise its powers to levy retail tax after December.

The World Bank says there is room for the collection of Rs3 trillion in annual taxes from agriculture and real estate sectors. The bureau said that it was necessary to consult the provinces over imposition of taxes on the agriculture sector.

 The IMF has also called for a tightening of enforcement for real estate taxes. The global lender has also suggested effective enforcement of the tax policy in sectors where collection was low.

The FBR has also submitted a prospective revenue report for the end of the current year to the IMF. The visiting mission is supposed to respond to the revenue report within two days. The IMF team was also briefed on the task force on tax policy and administrative affairs.

Economists say that the provincial governments should also play an effective role in tax collection from services, agriculture, and business class along with improving the tax machinery. — DNA


Over Two Lac illegal immigrants return to Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD, NOV 09 (DNA) — The repatriation of illegal foreigners mostly Afghans continued to their home countries as 207,758 immigrants have returned till November 09. Yesterday 4,119 illegal Afghan immigrants returned to their homes.

 Afghan nationals’ 702 families travelled to Afghanistan in 251 vehicles. Undocumented Afghan immigrants returning in droves to their home country daily, authorities said. Illegal immigrants, mostly Afghans, returning via Chaman border and Torkham border crossings to Afghanistan.

The immigrants included women and children who were provided free transport service from Landi Kotal holding camp up to the Torkham border that connects Pakistan and Afghanistan. Similarly, 2,975 illegal immigrants were repatriated through Angor Ada South Waziristan, spokesperson told the state news agency.

He said voluntary repatriation was being encouraged. Repatriation from Punjab was also continued through the Torkham border where officials of relevant departments were assisting them.

 Pakistan on Wednesday decided to extend the stay of registered Afghan refugees in the country for six months. The sources said the decision to extend the term of registered Afghan refugees in Pakistan was approved by the caretaker federal cabinet through a circulation summary.

The caretaker government of Pakistan decided to extend the stay of POR (Proof of Registration) card-holder Afghan refugees on the recommendation of the foreign office and interior ministry, sources said.

The tenure that expired on June 30, 2023, now stands enforced until December 31. The decision will benefit registered Afghans and their families. — DNA