Imran Khan being asked to strike deal and leave country, claims PTI’s Arif Alvi

Imran Khan being asked to strike deal and leave country

FAISALABAD: A day after clarifying his party’s position on political dialogues, former president and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Dr Arif Alvi has claimed that the incarcerated party founder Imran Khan is being told to “strike a deal and leave the country”.

Alvi, while talking to journalists in Faisalabad on Wednesday, said that Khan rejected the offer and decided not to leave the country “at any cost”.

The former president predicted that those who were colluding to sentence Khan — the former prime minister — would face a complete failure.

Commenting on dialogue offers, the politico said that his party is ready to hold talks with “stakeholders but not with the non-stakeholders”. He asked the stakeholders to let go of hatred and practice compassion.

He also said that the stakeholders should not be afraid of any kind of risks after the PTI founder’s release. Alvi demanded releasing the former prime minister, the supremacy of law in the country and returning the party’s mandate.

Alvi further said that his party could not hold the incumbent rulers who were as much “powerless” as they came into power via “Form 47” and didn’t have “authority” to make decisions.

Yesterday, he said that his party would hold dialogue with the one who has real power to make decisions.

He remarked this while responding to a question about the impression that the incarcerated ousted PM, who was removed from power via a parliamentary vote in April 2022, was not in favour of holding dialogue with his political opponents to bring stability to the country.

The statement came after multiple calls from the incumbent government urging the embattled Imran Khan-founded party to hold talks to find a solution to end the political crisis, however, the former ruling party failed to give a clear response so far.

Addressing a press conference in Lahore, Alvi also said that he has “lost all hope as accountability is impossible in Pakistan”.