Imran Khan lambasts fascist govt for treating political prisoners as terrorists


Says petrified PDM attacking judges to escape polls


LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan came down hard on the ‘imported fascist government’ for treating political prisoners detained during the Jail Bharo Tehreek as ‘criminals and terrorists’.

Imran Khan, in a statement on Saturday, strongly condemned the imported government’s mistreatment with the PTI volunteers who surrendered before the authorities during the ongoing Jail Bharo Tehreek.

He said: “Strongly condemn the fascist approach of Imported government to treat our political prisoners detained during our Jail Bharo (court arrest) movement as criminals and terrorists.”

PTI Chairman said that the PTI leadership and workers are protesting against fascism, violation of fundamental rights and crushing nation under spiralling prices while rulers get NRO for Rs 1100 billion looted wealth for themselves.”

Khan said: “Refusing to abide by prison rules for political detainees reflects a desperate and dictatorial mindset, which makes our people even more determined to stand up for Haqeeqi Azadi.”

Lashing out at the imported government for looking escape route from polls, Imran Khan said: “The PDM leadership seen challenging us to dissolve KP and Punjab assemblies if we want elections.”

“Now, when confronted, they are petrified of elections knowing they will be decimated. So they are maligning the SC judges and are ready to violate the Constitution to avoid elections,” he added.

PTI Chairman stated that shameless and calculated attacks on SC judges by PDM and spoilt brat Maryam, nurtured on corruption money, have one purpose only – to run away from elections even by violating Constitution.

“By attacking SCP, they are damaging the Federation and ensuring law of jungle prevails in Pakistan,” he maintained.

Talking about the returning releasing two brothers from imprisonment in Guantanamo Bay, PTI Chairman said that Ahmed Rabbani and his brother returning home after 20 years imprisonment was a good news.

“I had raised my voice against his being handed to US, his wrongful incarceration and had sought his release including as PM. So many like him have been victims of grave injustice in US War on Terror,” he added.