Imran Khan Urges Pakistanis: Unleash the power of your vote to overthrow imposed crooks


Imran Khan’s Message to Pakistanis: Let Allah Be the Ultimate Planner in Face of Legal Challenges

ISLAMABAD, FEB 2: /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman-for-life Imran Khan has called upon Pakistanis to use the most powerful and meaningful weapon of our vote to overthrow crooks who have been imposed upon us.

In a message to the nation, PTI Founding Chairman said that the people of the country were well-aware of the fact that all these cases against him had no legal basis, as these were part of an on-going political circus in the country for the past 22 months to demoralise the voters; however, they should not be disheartened, as Allah is the ultimate planner.

“My Pakistanis, the unfolding of the Toshakhana, Cypher, and Iddat cases only highlights their frivolous, baseless, and politically motivated nature. When the cypher case emerged, I warned that unless we dealt with it decisively, no Prime Minister in the future would be able to withstand such blatant foreign interference in Pakistan’s internal matters,” he added.

Imran Khan recalled that General Musharraf also surrendered to the US’ threats of “bombing Pakistan into stone age.” “But, to appease their masters who orchestrated the regime change operation, I was deprived of my legal right of cross-examining the witness or presenting my witnesses, as the handlers knew that it would unmask another great betrayal in our political history just like that of Mir Jaffer of Bengal,” Khan maintained.

PTI Chairman-for-life stated: “By the grace of God, I have led my life with impeccable financial integrity and credibility with the people of Pakistan donating billions of rupees for my philanthropic projects. Therefore, the toshakhana case was concocted because no evidence of financial corruption against me could be found.”

Imran Khan went on to say that even during the sham trial, when they sensed that the trial would conclude in absolving me, they deprived me of my fundamental right to cross-examination. He further added that meanwhile, the iddat case has been expedited only because they want to create a narrative against my dream of establishing Pakistan on the principles of Riasat-e Madinah.

“Therefore, they are concluding it in haste without an iota of fairness in the trial just to announce me guilty,” he added.

“Pakistanis, you must know that all of these cases have no legal basis; they are part of an on-going political circus in the country for the past 22 months. The hasty manner in which all these cases are being concluded, is for only one purpose which is to demoralise the voters, especially the youth,” Khan revealed.

But, he urged that they must not be disheartened, as Allah is the ultimate planner. “Our most powerful and meaningful weapon is that of our vote, and we must wield it to overthrow crooks who have been imposed upon us,” he concluded.