Imran Khan’s only fault was he gave priority to interest of Pak: Nusrat Khan


ISLAMABAD, APR 12 /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Nusrat Khan has said that PTI members have shown their conscience by resigning from the National Assembly. In a statement, he said that the imported government would soon find out that the opposition leader Imran Khan was more dangerous than Prime Minister Imran Khan. Nusrat Khan said that since independence, Pakistan’s problems could not be solved because the interest of foreign powers were protected more than the country.  The PTI leader said that Imran Khan’s only fault was that he gave priority to the interest of Pakistan and only Pakistan. The present so-called government should know that the people have risen against it and will send it home.
The PTI leader has said that its such a pity that a person who is facing cases of looting billions of dollars has been made the Prime Minister of the country.