Imran’s arrest warrants cancelled after PTI chief marks attendance amid chaos, clashes


ISLAMABAD, MAR 18: PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s arrest warrants in Toshakhana case were cancelled on Saturday as Additional District and Sessions Judge (ADSJ) Zafar Iqbal allowed him to leave after marking his attendance due to clashes between Islamabad Police and PTI workers outside the Judicial Complex.

The hearing was adjourned till March 30 (Thursday) due to the turbulence and chaos witnessed today, with the judge ordering Imran to appear in personal capacity in the next hearing.

The scene confirmed those inside the courtroom had faced difficulties due to the effects of the teargas used by the police and the windows were pelted by stones as well.

PTI workers and police clash

The day’s events were marred by clashes between the police and PTI workers.

The Islamabad police alleged that party workers had shelled the Judicial Complex and set fire to a police post.

It also shared footage of PTI workers allegedly committing vandalism at the Judicial Complex. Later, it said that PTI protesters had set fire to a police vehicle.

In an update on the damage from the clashes, the police said nine officers were injured from pelting by PTI supporters while over 25 motorcycles were set alight.

It added that a police post and trees were also set ablaze and police forces were attacked with petrol bombs and tear gas shells.

In turn, the PTI also accused the police of shelling Imran’s vehicle.

When Imran’s convoy was outside the courts in sector G11, PTI Senator Ejaz Chaudhary tweeted that “intense shelling on IK car right now!”