In Jacobabad, the customs authorities took action and seized goods worth crores of rupees.



JACOBABAD: Major operation of customs authorities in Jacobabad, attempt to smuggle Iranian petrol including sulfur failed.

The value of the smuggled goods is estimated at Rs 9 crore.

According to the details, action was taken against smuggling of foreign goods on strict orders of Collector Muna Mahfouz and Additional Collector Tahir Abbas in Jacobabad. 

The customs police successfully foiled the attempt to smuggle Iranian petrol and sulphur.

The value of which is said to be more than 9 crore rupees

Action was taken under the supervision of Deputy Collector at Shaheed Abdul

Ghaffar Customs Check Post.

During the checking, sulfur was recovered from three trawlers and 46 thousand liters of Iranian petrol from an oil tanker. 

Drivers including Sher Ali, Agha Gul, Shafiullah and Faizan Khan were arrested under the Customs Act.

According to DC Arslan Majeed, the value of the said foreign petrol and sulfur is Rs 9 crore.