Indian diplomat summoned to reject mischievous portrayal of minorities issues


A senior diplomat from the High Commission of India was summoned to the Foreign Office, today, to reject the mischievous portrayal by India of isolated,fabricated, incidents involving Pakistani citizens as minorities rights issues.

It was underscored that such machinations cannot divert attention from the criticism the Indian Government is facing for its own discriminatory policies against minorities in India and the ongoing state terrorism in Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IOJ&K).

The Indian side was conveyed that minorities in Pakistan enjoy full protections and rights under the Constitution. It was emphasized that the legal system of Pakistan is fully capable of protecting the rights of all its citizens.

The authorities in India were urged to refrain from feigning concern for minorities elsewhere for narrow political agenda; focus on putting their own house in order; and ensure effective protection of Indian minorities, including from frequent incidents of mob lynching and repeated hate crimes against minorities.