The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Karachi in collaboration with the
Pakistan Young Chefs Club (PYCC) organized the 1 st Karachi Pakistan Young Chefs Club
Cooking Competition on 22 nd – 23 rd November 2019. The Cooking "Indonesian Cuisine"
Competition Program was part of Indonesia gastro-diplomacy to promote Indonesian cuisine to
the Pakistani people especially to the young talented chefs of Pakistan in Karachi. Indonesian
Consulate seeks to intensify culinary diplomacy or gastro-diplomacy as part of efforts to
increase economic diplomacy that has become the attention of the President of Indonesia.
Pakistan Young Chefs Club is a non-profit career development platform, backed by Karachi
Institute of Culinary Arts Foundation, offering the opportunity to the young chefs to show the
culinary skill set and get the chance to prove their expertise in this sector. According to PYCC
President Muhammad Afzal, low productivity and inadequate skillsets among workers are
reflective of a dysfunctional system. He further said that through this competition, participants
will garner a rich appreciation for the culture, heritage and history behind the delicious local
cuisine and especially Indonesian cuisine.
Consul General of Indonesia, Mr. Totok Prianamto was the Chief Guest of the Award Ceremony
and appreciated the efforts of the young chefs a lot in promoting people to people contact.
Consul General also congratulated KICA Foundation and PYCC for conducting the successful
competition for young talented chefs of Pakistan with special theme “Indonesian Cuisine” and
hope such activities and collaborations can keep continue and improve in the future.
This cooking competition is divided into two categories- Individual and Team Competition. There
were 50 participants in the competition which participated in this competition from all over the
Karachi and they have chosen the one class for the competition. There were 8 classes in which
participant can compete and their name are Modern Sushi Platter, Nasi Tumpeng (SASA) Team
competition, Indonesian Gastronomy Set Menu, Pasta Challenge, Sea Food Challenge, Organic
Chicken “Asian Cuisine” and main course Chicken. During the Award ceremony a live
Indonesian food demo was given by Chef Shoaib.
Judges panel include representatives from Industry senior chefs. These judges with keen eyes
for perfection and had taken authenticity, technique, taste, presentation, safety and hygiene into