Info minister, Altaf Ahmed Bhat discuss kashmir freedom movemen


Islamabad Jun 26 /DNA/ – Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Maryam Aurangzeb has said that PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif and Pakistan Prime Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif are deeply attached to the Kashmir cause. Both the leaders discuss the Kashmir Freedom Movement at every forum. The present government will express solidarity with Kashmiris on August 5 against the Indian move.

She expressed these views while talking to senior Hurriyat leader and Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Salvation Movement President Altaf Ahmed Bhat.

She further said that, In this regard, embassies around the world are being instructed to expose the Indian initiative. PML-N has not forgotten the brothers of occupied Kashmir even for a moment. The present government continues to provide moral, political and diplomatic support to Kashmiris in line with Nawaz Sharif’s vision.

She added that The steps taken by India on August 5 have not been recognized by the government of Pakistan before or now. Kashmir is a disputed territory whose future remains to be decided. And it can only be solved by giving the Kashmiri people to decide on their future vis-a-vis the referendum. Kashmiris are fighting for their birthright, which has been recognized by the United Nations (UN). The United Nations should implement its resolutions on Kashmir and give Kashmiris their birthright.

Yesterday, Kashmiri Hurriyat Leader and Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Salvation Movement (J&KSM) Altaf Ahmed Buha called on the Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting at her residence and congratulated her on assuming the portfolio of Information Ministry.
Former Mayor Rawalpindi Sardar Naseem Khan and Tahira Aurangzeb, mother of the Federal Minister were also present on occasion.

Federal Minister for Information Maryam Aurangzeb said that Kashmir and Pakistan are inseparable and cannot be separated from each other. Leaders of Hurriyat and Kashmiri people have made immense sacrifices for their freedom which cannot be ignored.

Talking on the occasion, Chairman J&KSM Altaf Ahmed Bhat said that the measures taken on August 5 were illegal, unconstitutional and immoral. India has been busy and brought Israeli-style demographic changes in IIOJ&K. And so far more than four million hardcore Hindus have been issued Kashmiri residency certificates which is totally illegal and unconstitutional.

He said that in order to suppress the Kashmir Independence Movement, India has imprisoned the leaders of Hurriyat in false and baseless cases so that the voice of Kashmiris could not reach the world. Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Shabbir Shah, Yasin Malik, Zafar Akbar Bhat, Qasim Faktoo, Asiya Andrabi, Naeem Khan and many other Hurriyat leaders are behind bars.

Recently, Indian agencies assassinated Syed Ali Gilani and Ashraf Sahrai, in Custody. India wants to raise the voice of Kashmiris’ freedom through force. Every day Indian army is killing innocent Kashmiris through fake and baseless crackdowns and encounters. Bhat added.

Chairman JKSM further added that Despite all the vicious tactics of India, the Kashmiri people are patiently continuing the Freedom movement. The everlasting struggle and unparalleled sacrifices of the Kashmiri people have brought the Kashmir issue to the forefront of the world. Pakistan is an important party and advocate of Kashmir. It will have to take concrete steps as needed to resolve the Kashmir issue at the global level in its true context.

Altaf Ahmed Bhat also suggested that the government of Pakistan should appoint a talented Kashmiri as Deputy Foreign Minister, who will constitute a Kashmir committee comprising of Kashmiri Hurriyat Leaders, Leaders of AJK, Former Kashmiri ambassadors, and former senior military figures of Azad Kashmir. This Committee should go all over the world and take steps to stop Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir and make the Kashmir independence movement a success.