Installation of smart traffic signals to commence soon


ISLAMABAD,  (DNA) –  Work on the replacement of conventional traffic signals with smart signal system at Kashmir Highway will commence shortly as bids for the execution of the work have been opened.

Initially, existing traffic signals from G-7 to G-11 Kashmir Highway, including junction of Kashmir Highway at 7th Avenue, G-9, G-10, H-11 and G-11 are being replaced with smart system which will help ensure smooth and automated traffic control on the highway.

These signals have optical sensors which change the timings of the green and red lights based on the traffic volume on either side. These signals will visually process the amount of vehicles and the timing will be altered automatically. This will decrease the need for physical intervention for traffic control and will facilitate thousands of commuters using this Highway.

Capital Development Authority (CDA) in line with efforts to ensure smooth traffic flow on the roads of the city has taken several steps, which not only include up-gradation and expansion of road infrastructure but has also introduced technology based initiatives.

Replacement of conventional traffic signals with the smart system is continuation of the steps leading towards automation.

After fulfilling codel formalities, authority in end of previous month issued tenders of the project and in this connection bids were received which were opened during the previous week. The project will be carried out with cost Rs. 2.48 million and completed within one month time.

Kashmir Highway is the first one, however, phase wise all major avenues will have smart signal system as codel formalities in this regard have already been completed. The first phase is likely to be completed within one month. =DNA