Int’l conference on “Emerging Issues of Environmental Degradation” from June 02-04.

ISLAMABAD, May 28 (APP):The Pakistan Academy of Sciences in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Sciences is organizing the International Conference on “Emerging Issues of Environmental Degradation, Natural Hazards, and Water Security” from June 02-04. 

According to an official source, this event will bring together renowned scientists, and academics from across the world to debate urgent environmental issues.

The conference intends to address crucial challenges such as environmental degradation, natural disasters, and water security while encouraging debate and collaboration to establish long-term solutions.

The keynote speakers, panel discussions, and technical workshops will allow exchanging innovative research, best practices, and policy suggestions.

This meeting marks a substantial attempt to address environmental challenges via worldwide collaboration and scientific development.

The main objective of this international conference is to unite leading experts, researchers, policymakers, and industry professionals to exchange knowledge, research findings, and practical solutions regarding the pressing challenges of environmental degradation, natural hazards, and water security.

It is envisaged that this conference will enhance global understanding to develop sustainable strategies and bridge the gap between research and policy implementation to address the interconnected issues of environmental degradation, natural hazards, and water security.

Secretary General, PAS, Dr. Aslam Baig and Focal Person, PAS, Dr. Tasawar Hayat will be the chief organizers while President PAS, Dr. Kauser Abdulla Malik will be the Patron in Chief.

The conference will be attended by experts from Pakistan, China, and Malaysia who will share their insights on the emerging issues related to environmental degradation and its impacts on human life.