Intra-party polls: ECP questions ‘status’ of PTI after ‘losing organisational structure’

ECP to take up SIC plea seeking allocation of reserved seats today


ISLAMABAD: The submission of documents related to intra-party elections by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has seemingly not satisfied the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) as the top electoral authority raised several queries over the current “status” of the former ruling party after losing “its organisational structure on lapsing of 5 years.”

A two-page questionnaire was sent to the Imran-founded party by the election watchdog after the former submitted documents related to its intra-party elections in a bid to address objections.

The ECP questioned the current “status” of the PTI as a political party besides questioning why not to start the delisting process of the former ruling party’s registration and imposing a fine for not holding timely intra-party elections.

The commission’s first question read that the “PTI did not hold intra-party elections within 5 years, in the departure of Section 208(1). Hence, it lost its organisational structure on lapsing of 5 years. What is the status of PTI now in this perspective, as a political party?”

It also questioned the legality of the party’s chief organiser and federal election commissioner appointed by its General Body, while the PTI’s constitution defines appointments on the former position via its National Council on recommendations of the Chief Executive Committee (CEC).

According to the ECP, a political party would be registered in accordance with the old law under the Election Act if it submits certificates within a week after intra-party polls, besides complete records of elected office-bearers, poll data and results. Moreover, it also requires to submit relevant documents in 60 days under the Election Act.