Investigation reveals further details behind PSX attack


KARACHI, JUN 30 (DNA) – CTD officials have unearthed vital information related to the events before Monday’s PSX attack such as the attackers’ intentions and the route they took to arrive at the stock exchange building.

According to sources, the terrorists used the Lyari Expressway to reach the Pakistan Stock Exchange, entering from Gharibabad Interchange and reaching tower from Maripur Interchange.

The terrorists came directly to the stock exchange from the direction of customs house and probably chose Lyari expressway due to its lack of security.

Sources revealed that the terrorists did not plan to take the staff of the stock exchange hostage. In fact, they wanted to enter the stock exchange building using their car.

The first two terrorists disembarked the vehicle to raise the barricade in front of the building’s gate so that the car could make its way inside. They intended to enter the building and cause casualties, damaging the national economy and international confidence in the process.

Meanwhile, the investigating authorities have completed geofencing from Gharibabad to the stock exchange while CCTV footage of all routes leading to Gharibabad is being obtained. = DNA