Investment in Pakistan a two-way “tango”: Li Bijian



Islamabad “Investment is always a tango of two and disco of many and this requires joint efforts, dedication and support from all relevant parties,” said Li Bijian, Consul General of China in Karachi while speaking to CPEC Industrial Cooperation B2B Investment Conference (Sindh Chapter).

According to a Gwadar Pro’s report, he urged the investors to choose better and more reliable partners and to carry out research before making decisions on investment.

Mr Li said that Sindh enjoys better geological locations, fine infrastructures like highways, railways, seaports, expertise and experience in developing industry rules, and driving economic growth. “The province is a better place to attract more foreign investment and conduct greater B2B cooperation,” he said.

“We encourage more Chinese companies to explore the investment opportunities in Pakistan, especially in Sindh,” he said and advised Pakistani counterparts to conduct investment roadshows in China.

He said that the region has become home to many projects in the first phase of CPEC like many power plants and wind and solar plants.

According to Li, thanks to the joint efforts by both sides of Pakistan and China, CPEC Phase One has recorded remarkable achievements in infrastructure cooperation like power and energy, road, and transportation. 

Most of the projects were implemented under the G2G framework, he said, adding that the second phase of CPEC has already started and the focus is industry, agriculture and socioeconomic cooperation and B2B will be the main feature of cooperation.

For CPEC Phase Two, he requested relevant federal and provincial departments to further contribute to the ease of doing business and to effectively address the hurdles of policy changes.