iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Max PTA tax update

iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Max PTA tax update

Apple’s latest iPhone 15 may have hit the market this year, but in Pakistan, it’s the older models that continue to dominate the smartphone scene.

Among them, the iPhone 12 stands out as one of the most sought-after models, boasting robust design, a user-friendly interface, and a plethora of services available through the Apple App Store.

Sky-high iPhone 12 prices

The iPhone 12, once considered a more affordable option in Apple’s lineup, has now become a luxury item for many in Pakistan.

The PTA and other regulatory bodies have introduced a range of taxes on imported mobile phones, which include Customs Duty, Regulatory Duty, Sales Tax, and Federal Excise Duty. These additional charges have significantly impacted the cost of owning an iPhone 12.

PTA tax on iPhone 12 models

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: With a Passport, the tax amounts to a staggering Rs134,825.
  • iPhone 12 mini: The Passport tax for this model stands at Rs101,525.
  • iPhone 12 Pro: Those looking to purchase the iPhone 12 Pro with a Passport will have to pay Rs129,823.
  • iPhone 12: The iPhone 12, with Passport in hand, carries a tax of Rs113,665.

PTA Tax on iPhone 12 models with CNIC

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: With a CNIC, the tax soars to Rs160,958.
  • iPhone 12 mini: The CNIC tax for the iPhone 12 mini is Rs124,328.
  • iPhone 12 Pro: If you’re eyeing the iPhone 12 Pro with a CNIC, the tax hits Rs155,455.
  • iPhone 12: The iPhone 12, with a CNIC, comes with a tax burden of Rs137,682.

In the face of these soaring prices, it’s evident that the love for Apple products is unshaken in Pakistan. Consumers continue to seek the quality, design, and features that have made Apple a global tech giant. Despite the financial challenges, the demand for iPhones, especially the iPhone 12, remains strong.