Iran to expand ties with African nations: President

Iran to expand ties with African nations: President

TEHRAN – The Iranian President has articulated the shared commitment of Iran and African nations to strengthen their ties, emphasizing the potential for a complementary economy.

Ebrahim Raisi made the remarks in the 2nd Iran & Africa International Economic Conference, convened at Tehran’s International Conference Center on Friday.

Raisi hailed the gathering as a symbol of the mutual determination of African nations and Iran to expand economic cooperation, with representatives from 30 African countries in attendance.

He stressed the importance of acquainting both parties with their shared capacities, particularly Iran’s advancements in emerging technologies despite facing threats and sanctions.

Raisi underlined Iran’s intention to engage with Africa on the basis of mutual interest, contrasting it with the exploitative approach of many Western countries.

He highlighted Africa’s potential in various fields, including emerging technologies, and called for the development of cooperation roadmaps with defined timelines.

Additionally, Raisi emphasized the need to address obstacles, such as fund transfer issues, to facilitate the expansion of ties between Iran and African nations. He underscored that combining the capacities of Iran and Africa could lead to the creation of a complementary economy.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he touched on the inauguration of Uma Oya Multipurpose project in Sri Lanka in his recent regional tour, noting that technical and engineering services in Iran are satisfactory thanks to the Islamic Revolution’s achievements.

The conference, attended by senior officials, including economy ministers, is scheduled to conclude its activities on Monday.

Zimbabwe, Iran seek to extend economic capacities

In the backdrop of the second Iran-Africa International Conference, Constantino Chiwenga, the Vice President of Zimbabwe, convened with Iran’s president.

Raisi delineated Iran’s strategic approach towards Africa, accentuating shared interests. He underscored the robust ties between Iran and Zimbabwe, underscoring the commitment of senior officials from both nations to expand collaboration.

The Iranian president resident presented Iran’s blueprint for bolstering trade and economic ties with African counterparts. He regarded the conference and expo participation as pivotal moments for African officials to acquaint themselves with Iran’s capabilities across various sectors. Raisi reiterated Iran’s eagerness to extend these capacities.

Acknowledging the longstanding and amicable relations, particularly post-Islamic Revolution, Zimbabwe’s Vice President advocated for deeper interactions and economic partnerships.

Chiwenga commended the well-executed organization of the Iran-Africa International Conference, praising Iran’s principled stance towards African nations. He expressed Zimbabwe’s keenness to intensify cooperation with Iran.

Moreover, the Zimbabwean Vice President highlighted progress in implementing agreements forged during Raisi’s earlier visit, underscoring officials’ commitment to honoring these accords.