Islamabad High Court rejects petition for Imran Khan’s disqualification

Islamabad High Court rejects petition for Imran Khan's disqualification

ISLAMABAD, MAY 21: The Islamabad High Court dismissed a petition seeking Imran Khan’s disqualification in the Tyrian White case.

A new bench heard the plea against Khan’s alleged nondisclosure of his daughter in 2018 election nomination papers.

The case had been pending since May 2023 after a previous bench was dissolved due to differing opinions.

The high court clarified that without the chief justice’s signature, opinions of two judges couldn’t form a verdict.

During the hearing, Khan’s lawyer stated the matter had already been resolved and the verdict uploaded online.

The petitioner’s lawyer requested time to prepare, as the verdict wasn’t signed by the chief justice.

The court affirmed the dismissal of the disqualification plea against Khan.

The petitioner alleged Khan didn’t disclose his alleged daughter Tyrian in nomination papers for the 2018 elections.

They claimed Khan provided incorrect information and concealed his third child’s existence.

The petitioner argued Khan didn’t declare Tyrian in affidavits submitted to the Election Commission.

Allegations included Khan’s relationship with Sita White and custody arrangements for Tyrian.

Initially, Khan participated in proceedings but withdrew after being asked to undergo a blood test.