Islamabad introduces guidelines for shopkeepers during lockdown


ISLAMABAD, MAR 25 (DNA) – A new set of guidelines for shopkeepers in the capital have been introduced by the district administration of Islamabad.

People coming to buy essentials from grocery stores have to first create a circle outside the shops while maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters from each other.

Then, one by one, each person will go inside the stores and buy whatever they want. According to Islamabad District Commissioner, the sellers are responsible for implementing the new rules.

“Shops of those who violate these rules will be sealed,” he said. The government has imposed a lockdown in the federal capital after coronavirus cases across the country increased.

All educational institutions and government and private offices have been closed. Only shops of essential items and services are allowed to remain open.

Pakistan has reported a total of 1,000 cases so far. Eight people have died from the virus.=DNA