Islamabad Serena Hotel marks int’l day of education

Islamabad Serena Hotel marks int’l day of education

ISLAMABAD, JAN 24 /DNA/ – Islamabad Serena Hotel is honored to announce its celebration of the International Day of Education with the students at Master Ayub School, aimed at supporting education and providing essential resources to the underprivileged children.

In line with this year’s theme of “Learning for lasting peace”, six senior executives from the hotel dedicated their expertise to conduct 15-minute sessions covering diverse subjects such as Pakistan studies, fitness, personal hygiene, and more. Also, through this donation drive, Islamabad Serena Hotel seeks to underscore the significance of education in transforming lives and building a better future for the young learners.

The General Manager of Islamabad Serena Hotel, Mr. Otto Kurzendorfer shared his views on the importance of education in shaping a brighter tomorrow, “This initiative not only aligns with our corporate social responsibility goals but also provides a platform for our executives to directly contribute to the development of the next generation. We are excited about the positive impact this program will have on the lives of these young individuals.”

During the visit, the management of the Islamabad Serena Hotel also distributed educational material and food boxes among the children of Master Ayub School. This initiative aimed at easing the students’ educational journey and ensuring they have access to the necessary resources to pursue their studies effectively. Islamabad Serena Hotel is committed to create opportunities for children who face socio-economic challenges. DNA