Islamic Emirate seeks global recognition

Islamic Emirate seeks global recognition

KABUL, MAY 29: After the remarks by Iran’s Deputy Ambassador regarding the Islamic Emirate’s request for Tehran to take the lead in recognizing the caretaker government, Zabihullah Mujahid told TOLOnews that Kabul seeks recognition from all countries around the world.

The spokesperson of the Islamic Emirate added that recognition is the right of the Islamic Emirate and Kabul desires close diplomatic relations with the international community.

Mujahid stated: “We ask all countries to recognize that it is Afghanistan’s right. Upon recognition, we can achieve further progress. Any country that takes the initiative in this regard is commendable. Currently, there are also official interactions between Iran and Afghanistan, with embassies active in both countries.”

Gholam Reza Najari, Iran’s Deputy Ambassador in Kabul, previously stated that his country has close relations with the Islamic Emirate and that Kabul wishes Iran to be the first country to recognize the caretaker government.

In an interview with an Iranian media outlet, this Iranian diplomat described the lack of an inclusive government as one of the challenges facing his country’s decision to recognize the Islamic Emirate.

Gholam Reza Najari said: “Iran, like other countries in the world, has not yet recognized the caretaker government of Afghanistan. Although the officials of this country wish for Iran to be the first country to recognize Afghanistan.”

Zakiullah Mohammadi, a university professor, said: “An inclusive government should include specialists, and an inclusive government should also involve other ethnic groups of Afghanistan.”

Mohammad Bashar, a political analyst, said: “Political engagement or recognition is very important for a country and its regime; however, this should not come at the expense of values. The Islamic Emirate has met the global conditions for recognition.”

The formation of an inclusive government, ensuring human rights especially for women and girls, intra-Afghan dialogues, the non-use of Afghan soil against other countries, and the prohibition of cultivation, production, and trafficking of drugs are among the fundamental demands of the world for the recognition of the caretaker government. According to world officials, these demands have not yet been met in Afghanistan.