Israeli aggression in Rafah sparks humanitarian crisis: ministry sounds alarm

Israeli aggression in Rafah sparks humanitarian crisis: ministry sounds alarm

RAFAH: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates demands that the comprehensive and notable international consensus on the necessity of protecting the displaced and civilians in the Gaza Strip in general and in Rafah and its region in particular be translated into practical procedures and steps binding on the occupying state to achieve and ensure the achievement of this protection, secure their humanitarian needs in a sustainable manner, spare them the scourge of devastating war, and save them from the humanitarian catastrophe that It befell them, which also ensures that they will not be displaced and ensures their survival in their homeland and their return to their areas from which they were forced to flee.

The Ministry holds the Israeli government and the occupation army fully and directly responsible for the lives of Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip and demands a transparent and clear international role in pressuring the Israeli government to force it to provide protection for them and secure sufficient entry of aid to all areas of the Gaza Strip, especially since the occupation forces have begun to escalate their bombing.

Its aggression against the Rafah area without committing to securing the lives of civilians, as more than one Israeli official claimed, was accompanied by a noticeable increase in the number of martyrs, injured and injured among their ranks in light of the weak health infrastructure that already exists in Rafah.