ISSI holds round table on “Unravelling the Nexus: False flag operations and electoral politics of India”


ISLAMABAD, JAN 23: /DNA/ – As the general elections in India draw nearer, the India Study Centre at the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI) organized a Round Table discussion on “Unravelling the Nexus: False Flag Operations and Electoral Politics of India.”

The participants of the Round Table included eminent former diplomats, defence practitioners, think-tank representatives, and members of the media and academic community. The event aimed at assessing potential implications of such incidents on regional stability as well as underscoring the imperative of responsible actions in the South Asian geopolitical landscape.

The deliberations delved into the possibilities of another false flag operation in the run-up to Indian elections, the historical precedents, the modus operandi in previous instances, and the effect of such occurrences on public perceptions relating to issues of peace and security, bilateral relations, and national security. Experts analysed the events surrounding the Pulwama incident, Pakistan’s swift response after Balakot strike, and the country’s simultaneous engagement in the strategic, diplomatic and information arenas.

The participants highlighted both Pakistan’s firm resolve as well as measured, timely and effective response, consistent with its commitment to ensuring regional stability. The range of Pakistan’s response options across various domains was also considered. In essence, participants highlighted the importance of extreme vigilance and overall preparedness.

The participants also underscored the importance of proactive diplomacy as well as the role of international community in recognizing and supporting Pakistan’s efforts to maintain strategic stability in South Asia.