ISSI hosts Int’l Conference next week on “Pakistan in the Emerging Geopolitical Landscape” Curtain Raiser

ISSI hosts Int’l Conference next week on “Pakistan in the Emerging Geopolitical Landscape” Curtain Raiser

ISLAMABAD, APR 19 /DNA/ – The Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI) and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Pakistan Office will be co-hosting a one-day International Conference, titled “Pakistan in the Emerging Geopolitical Landscape,” at ISSI on 24 April 2024.

Building on the success of last year’s International Conference – “Pakistan’s Strategic Frontiers”, this year’s event will delve into the relationship between Pakistan’s strategic position and the rapidly shifting dynamics of West and Central Asia. The Conference agenda focuses on three key themes. The first working session, titled “Unraveling Afghanistan’s Shifting Landscape,” will examine the evolving situation in Afghanistan, particularly its impact on Pakistan’s security and foreign policy considerations.  The second session, titled “From Dependency to Diversity: The Evolution of the Middle East,” will analyze the changing environment within the Middle East and its influence on Pakistan’s regional partnerships and economic interests. The third and final session, titled “Rising Non-Conventional Security Threats in Afghanistan, Central Asia, and the Middle East,” will seek to address the growing challenges posed by non-traditional threats like cyberwarfare, pandemics, and climate change, emphasizing the necessity of regional collaboration to mitigate these threats.

Through in-depth discussions and expert insights, the Conference aims to achieve a broad set of objectives.  It will analyze the impact of the evolving regional landscape on Pakistan’s foreign policy, security concerns, and economic opportunities.  The Conference will also explore the changing nature of security threats and their implications for regional stability.  Furthermore, the discussions will emphasize the importance of fostering regional connectivity and economic cooperation for sustainable development.  Ultimately, the Conference seeks to generate valuable knowledge on how Pakistan can effectively navigate its changing regional environment, enhance its diplomatic space, and promote economic development.

By bringing together renowned international and Pakistani scholars, academics, practitioners, policymakers, and diplomats, the Conference seeks to create a platform for constructive dialogue and contribute to deeper understanding of Pakistan’s role in the emerging geopolitical landscape. The Conference aims to foster a comprehensive and more nuanced appreciation of the complex challenges and opportunities Pakistan faces in the evolving global environment.