IT ministry develops application “Covid-19 Gov Pk’


ISLAMABAD, Mar 29 (DNA):Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication had developed an application “Covid-19 Gov Pk” to effectively deal with deadly coronovirus in the country.

The application had been developed on the direction of Federal Secretary Ministry of IT and Telecommunication Shoaib  Ahmad  Siddiqui to deal threat of Coronavirus with the help of technology.

The application was developed by National Information Technology Board (NITB), an organisation under Ministry of IT and Telecommunication.

The application will provide awareness to citizens about all the actions to be taken for the prevention of Coronavirus  (COVID-19).

The application currently contains four different functions such as Dashboard for current status of COVID-19, Alarms for washing hands, Chatbot for awareness of COVID-19 and WHO videos for prevention of Coronavirus.

One of the major features of this application “Radius Alert” is under development phase, which will give citizens an opportunity to identify corona patient in certain radius so that citizen can maintain social distancing.

The said feature will be launched within one week.

On the launch of the “Covid-19 Gov Pk” app, Secretary IT  Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui has appreciated the efforts of team of Ministry of IT and National IT Board for developing application in short.=DNA