Justice Mansoor Ali Shah reaffirms equal rights for all citizens

Justice Mansoor Ali Shah reaffirms equal rights for all citizens

ISLAMABAD, JUN 1 /DNA/ – Supreme Court of Pakistan Justice Mansoor Ali Shah of the Supreme Court of Pakistan declared that all citizens, irrespective of their religious beliefs, are entitled to equal rights as enshrined in the Constitution.

Addressing a seminar regarding minorities’ rights  in Lahore, Justice Shah underscored that minorities are not merely a statistical group but an essential component of the nation’s identity.

“The Constitution provides full protection to minorities, and our national flag proudly represents their presence,” Justice Shah stated emphatically. “The white stripe in our flag symbolizes the rights and inclusion of minorities, and we welcome judges from minority communities to join the judiciary.”

Justice Shah highlighted a distinctive characteristic of Pakistan, noting it is the only country whose national flag explicitly symbolizes the presence of minorities.

He emphasised that the Constitution guarantees equal rights for all citizens, including the minorities who constitute approximately 4% of the population.

“Our religion teaches us tolerance, kindness, and compassion towards minorities,” Justice Shah continued. “We must uphold these values and ensure that minorities feel safe and protected under the law.”=DNA