Kenya, Pakistan enjoy excellent relations: HC Kamau



ISLAMABAD:  High Commissioner of Kenya Ms. M Nyambura Kamau, has said Kenya and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan enjoy warm, cordial, and diplomatic relations dating back to 1964 when the Islamic Republic of Pakistan opened High Commission in Nairobi and the Republic of Kenya reciprocated by opening its High Commission in Islamabad In 1984.

She expressed these views while speaking on the occasion of the National Day of Kenya.

Bilateral relations between the two countries are largely dominated by Trade and Investment worth USD 768m of exports and imports traded between the two countries in 1022.

The main products traded are Tea exports to Pakistan and Rice exports to Kenya. Kenya and Pakistan share more than just Trade and investment but also collaborate in the multilateral arena, defense, technology, and education.

 However, there is significant progress in unlocking more trade goods and investment opportunities in the areas of health, manufacturing, Agriculture, Technology, education. and tourism among others.

She said, Kenya is progressively working with the Government of Pakistan to explore possibilities of expanding the portfolio of traded goods between the two countries. Kenya’s top exports, other than tea, include cut flowers, horticultural products, coffee, fruits, and legumes among others.