Khawja Asif may get defence ministry, Atta Tarar Information Ministry



ISLAMABAD: The prime minister is mulling names for the probables of the Federal Cabinet. Sources believe the 46-member cabinet shall be completed in three phases. In the first phase, which is likely to be completed within few days, will include Khawaja Asif as Defence Minister, Atta Tarar as the Information Minister, Anusha Rehman Minister for IT, Ahsan Iqbal Minister for Interior.

Similarly, a few new faces shall also be included in the federal cabinet. For example Naseer Sidh, who defeated PTI and PPP from Lalamusa and who happens to be the younger brother of the sitting Air Chief Marshal Zaheer Sidh, is also likely to get a slot. Tariq Fazal Ch is interested in CAD ministry, which, inter alia, also includes the CDA.

Ishaq Dar may get either Finance or Foreign Ministry. PML Q and the MQM shall also be accommodated in the federal cabinet. The MQM is also interested in the Port and Shipping Ministry. From PML Q, Tariq Bashir Cheema is likely to be accommodated. He wants the Housing Ministry. Ch. Shujaat son Salik Hussain, sources claim, withdrew in favour of Tariq Cheema. Abid Sher Ali is also likely to get ministry. Another potential candidate who may be given an important ministry is Mussadaq Malik.