“Khidmat App Ki Dehleez Per” program launched


RAWALPINDI: Special plan of public awareness and outreach has been  chalked to project public welfare oriented  programme  of Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Bazdar with the name of Service at your doorstep. Director General Public Relations Punjab Saman Rai in a curter raiser at DGPR Production House & Studios sharing the details of the Media Management Plan as a Curtain Raiser  said that the Public Relations Practitioners of DGPR, who have high professionalism and expertise across Punjab, will conduct publicity methodology  at the inaugural functions  of the special program at all district headquarters  on Thursday.  She said that the purpose of this program was to create awareness among the people about health and hygiene as well as to be initiated by Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar as per the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan.  She said that in order to achieve the objectives of this special program which will continue for three months, the community-related institutions would be able to perform at their best and achieve the objectives of this special program. Saman Rai was of the view that  Community Development  programs can only be made successful with public support and full participation and media will highlight the performance of the institutions that bring services to the doorstep of the people on  daily basis. She said that the Public Relations Department is the body of the Punjab Government which communicates the performance of all the departments and organizations of the government to the people through the media. She further revealed  that DGPR has been upgraded  under which the social and digital media of the department is being activated and a studio has been set up to impart accurate and timely information to all medium of mass communication  which has started regular working and  with the help of this studio, content for social and electronic media will be developed. Saman Rai said that Khidmat aap ki dehleez per is a program which will reflect like a mirror of public service.  She said Information department will play its role in updating media about every stage of implementation of programme.