Khursheed Shah urges judiciary to find way out of constitutional crisis


ISLAMABAD, Apr 01 (DNA): Minister for Water Resources Syed Khursheed
Ahmad Shah on Saturday said that imposing Imran Khan was the real cause
to the problems being faced by the country.

If the Supreme Court of Pakistan did not find a way forward through the
constitution of the full court, then there would be no other way, he
said in a statement issued here.

He said fixing the actual responsibility for the political crisis, it
should commence from General Pasha. Citing different retired generals,
he said that General Pasha, General Zaheer Islam, General Faiz, all
supported Imran Khan, he said.

He regretted that grave constitutional crisis was created instead of
resolving the political crisis in the country. “There is no institution
nor person to resolve the constitutional and political crisis,” he said.

The minister said the judiciary should find a way out of the
constitutional crisis through the constitution of the full court.

He said stubbornness and ego have brought the country to this quagmire.
“If something goes wrong, the main institutions will be responsible,” he