Pakistan wins election to the Executive Board of (UNESCO)



Pakistan has been re-elected to the 58-member Executive Board of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for the term 2019-23, receiving an overwhelming support of 154countries in the General Conference of UNESCO in Paris.

Pakistan’s re-election to the UNESCO Executive Board is a reaffirmation of the international community’s faith in Pakistan’s strong credentials to protect and safeguard cultural heritage, promote cultural diversity and advance universal education.

Pakistan, since joining the Organization in September 1949, has consistently played an active role in furthering the ideals of UNESCO, as enshrined in its Charter.Pakistan also has the distincthonour of being a member of the UNESCO Executive Board continuously since 1978.

As a member of the Executive Board, Pakistan worked with UNESCO to establish the Malala Fund Programme for Girls Education to impart quality education to girls globally. Its funding is dedicated for developing countries from Asia and Africa.

As a signatory to the Dakar Framework for Action, Pakistan also played a lead role in finalizing Sustainable Development Goals, including the Goal of Education for All- a global UNESCO campaign to advance education.

The Executive Board is one of the three constitutional organs of UNESCO that seeks to build partnerships to promote and further international cooperation in education, sciences and culture.

Pakistan wasalso elected as Chair of UNESCO’s Education Commission last week and Mr. Shafqat Mahmood, Minister forFederal Education and Professional Training successfully steered its deliberations.