KOPIA Pakistan Centre and Aeropnic Potato Seed Production System inaugurated at NARC


Islamabad:. Opening ceremonies of KOPIA Pakistan Centre and Aeroponic Potato Seed Production System was held at NARC Islamabad in which Syed Fakhar Imam, Federal Minister for M/o NFS&R, Islamabad was the Chief Guest. Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan Chairman PARC, SUH SangPyo, Korean Ambassador, Dr. Chu Gyong-rae Director KOPIA Pakistan Centre, Dr. HUR Taewoong, Administrator Korean Rural Development Administration, was also participants of the event.

Syed Fakhar Imam on the occasion said that KOPIA Centre’s cooperative projects and activities includes technology development projects related to agriculture and livestock which aim to increase incomes of smallholder farm households.He said KOPIA would help in exchange of research materials, publications and technical information, besides technology development activities of Korean experts and scientists to promote and develop local agriculture sector.

At this occasion, Mr. Jamshed Iqbal Cheema SAPM informed that Pakistan is importing around 120 million US$ potato seed for cultivation of 15000 acres every year. Through utilizing aeroponic technology, we will not only substitute the import bill but will also be able to produce high quality potato seed locally. He further expressed that this cooperation will help in achieving higher productivity, reducing post-harvest losses, initiating farm level processing, human resource development, and creating immense job opportunities.

Korean Ambassador SUH SangPyo said, establishment of the KOPIA Center will serve as a foundation stone in modernizing the agriculture sector of Pakistan. The bilateral cooperation will enhance crop productivity, reduce cost of production, and improve production efficiencies.

Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan Chairman PARC lauded the strong commitment of Korean counterparts with the agreement and maintained that “I highly appreciate the KOPIA Korean delegate for their visit amid this COVID scenario. Korea is technological much developed in agriculture sector and through this agreement we have got opportunities to share that knowledge and technologies. It is just a new beginning to tap the potential of crops, livestock and agriculture machinery.

            Dr. Chu Gyong-rae Director KOPIA Pakistan Centre told in this regards, Korea has introduced the aeroponic technology for seed production of different crops especially potato. He added that we areexpanding the cooperation in the field of machinery and vegetable seed production. PrimeMinister appreciated the cooperation of Korea and specially the efforts of the Rural Development Administration, Korea.