Kyrgyz ministry announces online exams for foreign students amid violence

Kyrgyz ministry announces online exams for foreign students amid violence

Bishkek, MAY 19: In response to recent violence against foreign students, the Kyrgyz Ministry of Education has announced that university exams will be conducted online.

This decision comes after a series of attacks on international students, including Pakistanis, in the capital city, Bishkek.

The ministry’s announcement allows students, except those in their final semester, to return to their home countries while still being able to participate in their examinations remotely.

The exam schedule will be communicated through WhatsApp, ensuring students from the 1st to the 9th semesters can complete their assessments without physical presence.

This move follows a disturbing incident where local students attacked their foreign counterparts, leading to injuries among 14 Pakistani students. The assaults have caused significant distress among the international student community, prompting immediate repatriation efforts.

A flight carrying 140 students from Bishkek has already reached Lahore, underscoring the urgency of the situation. The repatriation continues as safety concerns remain high among the students and their families.

‘No Pakistani citizens died in Bishkek mob violence’

Earlier today, Deputy Prime Minister Ishaq Dar said that no Pakistani citizens died in Bishkek mob violence.

Addressing a press conference flanked by Amir Muqam and Atta Tarar in Lahore, Dar said: “16 foreign students were injured, including four to five Pakistanis who are currently in hospitals.”.

Dar criticised the “false propaganda” spread by a political party and mentioned that the Pakistani government had cancelled their visit to Kyrgyzstan at the request of the Kyrgyz foreign minister.

He assured that the government will cover the expenses of Pakistani students wishing to return home. “Today, 540 students are being brought back on three flights. The situation is under control, and the Pakistani embassy has confirmed the peace,” Dar said.

Dar maintained: “Approximately 11,000 Pakistani students are studying in Bishkek, and those returning will be provided with full facilities.”.

“The students wanting to leave Bishkek can register at the embassy. There is no alarming situation in Bishkek,” he said.

Dar urged trust in Kyrgyz officials and their commitment to safety.