Kyrgyzstan-Pakistan strategic alignment highlighted

Kyrgyzstan-Pakistan strategic alignment highlighted

ISLAMABAD, Dec 13 (APP/DNA): Chairman Kyrgyzstan Trade House Meher Kashif Younis on Wednesday said the strategic alignment of Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan, through China international land routes offers a gateway to manifold economic opportunities, bolstering trade, fostering cooperation, and contributing to the overall development of the region.

Talking to a delegation of exporters and importers led by Faran Shahid, he said bilateral trade between landlocked Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan, facilitated by China through land routes, holds immense potential for economic growth and regional connectivity.

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) serves as a crucial conduit, linking these geographically distant nations. Kyrgyzstan, nestled in Central Asia, lacks direct access to seaports, making overland trade routes vital for its economic development.

He said moreover, the collaboration enhances regional stability by fostering economic interdependence.

He said as goods flow more seamlessly through these land routes by a fleet of NLC,(National Logistics Corporation) the potential for mutual investments and joint ventures between Kyrgyz and Pakistani businesses increases.

This economic synergy after successful Pak export consignment to Kyrgyzstan by NLC containers not only benefits the two nations directly involved but also contributes to the broader economic integration of Central and South Asia.

Meher Kashif Younis who is also Coordinator to the Minister of State and Federal Tax Ombudsman and vice president of Gold Ring Economic Forum, a strategic think tank, said the efficient transportation can significantly reduce transit times and costs, fostering a more robust economic partnership.

Kyrgyzstan, with its rich reserves of minerals and agricultural products, can tap into Pakistan’s market, while Pakistani industries gain access to Kyrgyz resources.

He said  Ulanbek Totuiaev Kyrgyzstan  Ambassador to Pakistan is instrumental for promoting and strengthening bilateral cooperation between two countries.